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Rakesh Sharma, MD
Neil Gandhi
Jeffrey Liva, MD
Patty Nazzaro

An Overview

The Saddle River Republican Club (SRRC) is a great place for Republicans to meet, connect and form friendships that can last a lifetime. 

Currently, the Club has (150) members, who pay dues annually.  The Board is elected every year at the Club’s annual meeting, held in March.


The Board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and General Secretary, as well as six Trustees. In 2020, the members of the Saddle River Republican Club elected a new leadership team.

Dr. Sharma and his team have been working diligently to revitalize the Saddle River Republican Club. Due to the difficulties posed by Covid-19, 2020 has been a very challenging year. 


We have not been able to meet as a club or hold any functions.  Despite this, the team is beginning to initiate many programs to expand the member base and to bring the Republican Club community together.




Our Board

SRRC New Leadership


Rakesh Sharma, MD

Vice President

Neil Gandhi


Jeffrey Liva, MD

General Secretary

Patty Nazzaro


Antonio Gines

Doug Holden, MD

Devesh Karandikar

Jenny Lindberg

Susan Sachdev

Tom Taranto


Volunteer Marketing And PR Consultant

Ravi Sachdev


The purposes of the Saddle River Republican Club, as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation, are to

1.   Foster, advance and inculcate the principles and doctrines of the Republican Party     

2.   Work for its principles, doctrines and candidates        

3.   Promote civic welfare and better government            

4.   Encourage, endorse and advance the candidacy of such candidates for public office as may be acceptable to the membership of the Club and the Republican Party.          

5.   Initiate such action, in keeping with the foregoing, in the best interest of the Borough of Saddle River, New Jersey.

6.   Encourage all registered voters in Saddle River to actively participate in our form of democracy, and to vote in all primary and general elections.

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